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Mini Dumpster Rental

Micro Dumpster offers two unique size dumpsters, a 3.5 yard dumpster designed for hauling heavy debris and a 7 yard dumpster for lighter debris.

Our dumpster rental service is geared toward smaller contractor projects and homeowner DIY projects. Use our dumpsters when your project doesn't generate enough debris to fill a large dumpster or when the space to place a dumpster is limited. With our rental service you can also load your debris at your own pace unlike some our competitors services. 

Landscape Material Supply

We also offer home delivery of a wide range of bulk landscape material including topsoil, stone, sand, mulch and more...

Click on the link below and check out our materials list for detailed descriptions of our most commonly sold materials. If you don't see the product you need on our list just let us know what it is and we will find it and give you a quote for delivery. Don't forget you can use our 3.5 yard dumpster rental to get rid of the spoils from your landscape project. 

Micro Dumpsters

7 YARD DUMPSTER (3,000 lb limit) - ONLY $199

Our 7 yard dumpster is designed to haul lighter debris like construction debris, windows, household junk, cardboard/paper or yard waste.

NO dirt, concrete or brick will be accepted in the 7 yard dumpster

FYI: Both of our dumpster sizes can fit inside a standard 7' high garage and our typical dumpster rental is 1-5 days.

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We drop the dumpster (COD) you load it at your own pace. You call us when it's full and we will remove it and recycle your debris.


If your debris is in a garage or nearby in a reasonably stacked, bundled or bagged pile and ready to be loaded, we will "HELP YOU" load the dumpster at no additional charge and then remove it immediately.

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Yard Waste "when mixed" with any other non-organic material.

  • Mattresses / Appliances / Tires
  • Electronics (e-waste) / Batteries / light Bulbs
  • Paint / Solvents / Motor Oil / Liquids
  • Hazardous Material / Asbestos
  • Propane Tanks / Gas Tanks
  • Medical Waste / Needles
  • Food Waste / Pet Waste 

3.5 YARD DUMPSTER (3 Yard limit) - ONLY $199 (concrete only $119)

Our 3.5 yard dumpster is designed to haul heavy debris like dirt, sod, clay, concrete, bricks, blocks, pavers or gravel,

Our 3.5 yard dumpster is only 3'6" high at the sides and it has a convenient drop down ramp/door in the rear for wheelbarrow access. This is the perfect dumpster for your next landscape, paver or drainage project.

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Landscape Materials List

Other materials available upon request

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